Just using a few pieces of Mateus will already compliment your table setting! Christine Zwanenburg


We started in Hungary and in time moved to the Benelux. Now we are nearly celebrating 10 years Zwaanzinnig.
For me mealtimes, especially dinner are the most importent moments of the day. I love making my tabelsettings special, candlelight, cosy surroundings and just everything to accompany a well laid table. Magazines are always full of pictures of wonderful elaborate settings but how to create your own special one. When I ran into the Mateus handmade ceramics it was love at first sight. This was it! The beautiful colours, the forms all made by skilled craftsmen, each piece different from the other. Even only a few pieces will do the trick and make your table a fairy tail.

Now that we have started our online shop access to the Mateus Collection is even easier. All pieces designed in Sweden, handmade in Portugal are within your reach with only a few clicks. Our online store caters to all your preferred table settings. Just think about all those handpainted plates, bowls and dishes that can land on your table within a few days. In short. If you like beautiful stuff just check Zwaanzinnig out.

Our Ceramics have had a lot of media coverage on tv and in magazines. Our main goal is to help you to create your table setting with that extra special look so that even a plate of fish and chips looks like it just came out of a magazine! And thats exactly how we want it to look.


Feel good, love life. Those are the feelings behind handcrafted Mateus ceramics and stoneware – designed in Sweden and made in Portugal.
The idea behind Mateus took shape over the course of several years. Portuguese fashion-model-turned-mom Teresa Mateus Lundahl saw design trends shifting in her adopted country Sweden. Colors and patterns began to make inroads into Swedish homes – and she saw opportunity.
Why not bring together the best of both of her worlds? Why not fuse traditional Portuguese ceramic craftsmanship, Swedish design and contemporary fashion trends into quality products that celebrate the love of life?
With confident resolve, Teresa set off on a never-ending journey called Mateus. Drawing on the old and the new. Blending southern European artisanry with northern styles. Constantly reinventing colors, shapes and patterns to maximize appeal and, ultimately, to celebrate the joy of being together.

we are.